EIGHT (8) SEXUAL PREDICTOR (DETERMINANT) FULLY ASSESSED • Health: general health status, physical activity, vascular Condition, depression, prostate disease, hysterectomy, Smoking • Demographics: age, education, financial problems, • Relationships: divorce in past 3 years, expected length of current relationship, are you exclusive? • Individual sexual behavior: sex & foreplay frequency • Sexual practices: frequency of thinking about sex? • General satisfaction with life • Sexual attitudes • Sexual beliefs: do you think aging reduces sexual desire? Does your religion affect your sexuality? Now, let’s move on to the analysis of the above points HEALTH IS WEALTH is a popular saying everywhere in the world For anyone to enjoy life, he/she must have a good health. If you have good health you will be able to meet up with the daily activities/challenges. If you have money without good health, the healthy friend and families would Help you spend the money that is the reason why you need to know that GOOD WEALTH STAYS IN HEALTHY ARENA. Your health status determines your sexual ability. If you are physically fit and Disease -free , it enhances your libido which makes you satisfy your partner sexually well. Smoking affect specific parts of the body especially liver and other vital organs in the body. If you can absolutely avoid smoking it will not only give you better health condition but increases your sexual performance. -Ability to manage stress either by reducing or avoid strenuous task is very helpful for your sexual strength. Demographic factors such as Education, Age, financial imbalance cannot be over-emphasized due to the fact that they have a great impact in human sexual life. Education gives one broad enlightement about sex education, sexually Transmitted diseases (STD) prevention and its cure, how to control population via family planning, e.t.c AGE-This is just a number of years which a person has spent In life.Some people believed that age has an impact on our sexual performance while to some set of people age has nothing to do with Your sexual ability since we have seen 70 years old grandpa that can perform sexually well than some 25 years old guy suffering from one STD or the other. If that should be the case, what is the essence of age limit when it comes to sexual capability? Marriage failure can lead to sexual problem especially when it is total divorce .the expected length of current relationship, may affect your libido. Staying out of marriage without regular sex for the length of 4 years count a lot. This is where I will stop for today. I shall give you the continuation In the subsequent post.

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