Tuesday, May 18, 2010

premature Ejaculation cure

Premature Ejaculation Natural Cure Available solutions There are lots of solutions both online and offline claiming to be the best remedy for premature ejaculation but the most important question which we need to ask is that are these solutions effective? there have been many people advertising their solution to quick ejaculation both online and offline but try to examine any would be solution before you spend your hard earned money on such. Some of the solutions many people are campaigning that hit the market include pills, cream, sprays gadgets, books etc.All these work by desensitizing the penis which resulted into numbing because the chemicals on most of these products usually have numbing effects on the skin. This implies that you should not subscribe for something/product that will have an adverse effect on your body. Your precious body is very important that you need to take proper care of. Quick ejaculation can be a heartbreaker if not properly dealt with .I’m very sure you can put an end to this problem if you can put in effort. Let’s examine those available solutions one after the other 1. Creams and Sprays: These products have chemicals characterized with numbing effect on the skin. They work by desensitizing the penis.The products can help control the ejaculation because it takes away the sensation. To be realistic, it is not advisable to adopt the use of these substances because they will not provide the lasting solution to the problem but only mask it. Another good reason why I don’t recommend any desensitizing product is that it takes away the sexual excitement and reduces drastically the firmness of your erection otherwise known as erection loss. Note: if you are interested in using the above method endeavor to wear your condom in order to avoid numbing effect that will also numb her.

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