Tuesday, May 25, 2010

quick ejaculation cure

Quick ejaculation Cure Sacrificing your few minutes out of precious time to read and digest this articles can change your total life by enhancing your sexual power,increase your understanding on sexual aspect of life and fortifying your erections and elevating your sexual staminal for ever.100% possible and guaranteed. It is important to note that the most effective ejaculation control secrets (PE) actually strike very hard on its causes.It is as a result fortify muscles and ejaculatory reflexes in order to enable you control your ejaculation for hours both permanently and naturally. Brief Introduction of Quick ejaculation premature ejaculation simply means lack of absolute control over the ejaculatory system.In essence,someone who ejaculates before the penetration process or few minutes after the normal penetration is said to have been suffering from pre- mature ejaculation Please,I want you to ask yourself the following questions For how long will you keep on ejaculating before she really want you to ejaculate thus loosing your integrity,dignity,manly pride and self esteem? How long will you keep on loosing your precious moments of enjoyment of active sex? How long will you continue to swallow the man power drugs or sexual local herbs before you satisfy your partner? How long will you keep on applying desensitysing creams and taking brain-numbing ejaculation control pills before you have better sex with your lover. Taking drugs before sex,you endanger your kidney,heart even the entire life is exposed to danger. Remember,quick sex discourage your girlfriend/wife and can make them practise INFIDELITY since your sex become weakening activity. If a man is suffering from quick ejaculation ,it can make him loose a valuable and desired relationship because few women could endure such a non-enjoying sex that's what makes them look for someone else that can give them the maximum satisfaction. Premature ejaculation may have a significant adverse effect on both self esteem and a serious relationship.If the man ejaculates too quickly or early, the partner may be left unsatisfied sexually and may become resentful. Sex therapy, medication and psychotherapy are some of the treatments for premature ejaculation. A combination of these treatments may work better for some men based on the recent studies made. Here Are the Tips: * Masturbate a few hours before sex so that the penis is less excitable during intercourse. * Ditch the missionary position. For example: the man being on top of the woman. Make love with the woman on top. This position is more relaxing for men, and it often helps control ejaculation. * Double wrap your penis by using a second condom - this reduces the sensitivity of the penis and allows you to make love for longer. Premature Ejaculation, luckily, is one of the easier sexual problems to improve. www.infohealthtank.blogspot.com

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