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What is premature ejaculation

when talking about premature ejaculation, two things will actually come in mind:premature and ejaculation.premature literarily can be refered to as something that is yet to mature like a premature infant.A child born earlier befor the usual period of birth can be regarded as premature infant.it can also be described as immature.we can continue to give it differevt definitions since it might have different meaning to different to different people

ejaculation can simply be rfered to as the release of semen from male organ. to ejaculate simply we mean to eject semen.it is an act of passing out semen from male either during sexual intercourse or during sexual contact

Now that we have been able to comprehend the literary meaning of premature and that of ejacution, we would need to know the meaning of premature ejaculatiok and all what it entails one after other in the subsequent post

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