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Premature Ejaculation is a kind of sexual dysfunction which affects men.

Note: I will be using PE as an acronym for premature ejaculation in this write up, so don’t be confused.

I intentionally made up my mind to reveal the secrets of treating PE naturally after I have suffered from this embarrassing sexual dysfunction for years without any solution. I will tell you why treating your PE naturally should be the best option to be adopted.

Without wasting your precious time let me quickly chip in brief definition of PE to have foundation knowledge of the actual meaning of PE just as I used to say that for any problem there must be solution but one need to identify the problem first before the solution can be proffered.

Some definitions of PE totally ignore duration specification both for sexual relation and reaching the climax simply because it depends on the type of people engaging in intimate relation. What I’m saying in essence here is that the duration which couple A uses in bed before ejaculation occur might be different from that of couple B i.e the duration varies and may not be the same when sampling affected group of people.

What matter most is the satisfaction of the timing at which sexual intercourse lasts and both partner enjoy their intimacy connection. For example, if a male partner reaches climax at 10 minutes, there may not be the problem of premature ejaculation if his opposite sex reaches her own climax at 8 minutes there is no cause for alarm so far the both sides satisfy with the timing involved

Another scenario if in another instance, a male usually climaxes in twelve minutes what I really mean by this is that if a man is able to delay his ejaculation for a maximum period of 12 minutes, he might consider this premature ejaculation If his partner requires 15 minutes of stimulation before reaching the climax. The literary meaning of this is that you are already tired when your sexual partner is needing more and this actually reveals your weakness to your partner which is not good at all.

She continues to look at you as a man that cannot perform up to her expectation. She feels bad anytime you make love with her. This is a big embarrassment any man must try to avoid because it derails your respect before woman

The problem some men may face is that some females fail to reach orgasm at all during vaginal intercourse no matter how long you make love or prolonged the intercourse she will not tired. just as in the case of a male delaying ejaculation so also some females can delay the period of reaching the climax.

According to diagnostic and statistical manual of mental order stated the following as the criteria for premature ejaculation:

1. There can be problem of persistent and recurrent ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before, on or shortly after penetration before the person wishes. Some men as soon as their penis penetrate the vagina they begin to ejaculate. In fact some would have even ejaculated before the penetration take place.

2. Some people may be marked distress or have some interpersonal difficulties. This will actually affects their sexual capacity

I shall continue this discussion in the next edition

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