Saturday, April 24, 2010


Is it a popular scenario? Strong, hot, serious and heavy loving with hungry kisses all put together in a romancing activity between loving partners. At that time you will always be at the top of your game when things will be moving smoothly as it is expected. You and your partner will be happy at that moment if you are delivering the caresses that promises orgasmic bliss for your eager partner and all of a sudden your manliness begin to come down and you are one thrust past the edge. The dam is already burst and it is over. You begin to make your partner unhappy because she is waiting for more play. But as a matter of fact, you are not all alone in this too-quick-for-her-climax intercourse .In fact, the the average men across the world make up to 45 thrust before ejaculation Most women believed that it takes almost ten (10) minutes of active sexual intercourse to reach orgasm at times the most optimistic lovers don’t see these minutes adding up. The major effects PE can be a major HEART BREAKER if not properly dealt with it is sad and bitter to see a good relationships and marriages crashing or get destroyed by a preventable and controllable predicament. The problem of premature ejaculation and low erection has broken many homes because women can’t endure quick ejaculation for a man. It is normal for two people to be madly in love with each other but if there is little or no spice in the bedroom it can lead to marriage crash or turn down a serious relationship. If you are with somebody right now that you truly love and care about and you think the problem of premature ejaculation is at verge of ruining your relationship, I strongly advise you to take overcoming premature ejaculation your first priority. Inability to satisfy a woman sexually can cause mental problem for a man himself simply because you will be sad and not elated. This is a great disgrace as it can make a man lose a valuable woman which in turn could lead to serious regret in the future. Lack of confidence and self esteem: man can lose self confidence and self esteem if the problem persists so long without adequate attention. When a man has lost the confidence whenever he want to meet with a lady he would develop scare, anxiety which will beyond his control. The repetitive sexual failure could constitute a serious havoc on man’s confidence and overall happiness throughout life. It can lead to spiral effect which is one of the biggest effect of premature ejaculation. This is known as downward spiral effect. This implies that the problem get worse after every encounter. Both partners are not happy and the woman will complain bitterly lamenting loud and clear and begin to search for strong man that will give her full satisfaction. Performance anxiety will emerge as man begins to be panic about intercourse. If the problem persists the man in question will avoid having intercourse because you don’t want to endure embarrassment any longer Self-help to premature ejaculation This is truly the simplest and safest means of eliminating ejaculation than adopting the use of drugs,pills or herbs that will have side effect and will not provide lasting solution to the problem. Applying knowledge,techniques,books and other form of information will be better off and helpful because there is wide range of information both online and offline. These type of books/information are very useful and they are designed to educate you on how premature ejaculation works and what you can do to control it. In my own view, this is the only best way to get the desired result.I have tried many options like herbs, cream, pills looking for fast result but all proved abortive. see you soon

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