Thursday, April 22, 2010


It is just like you as i sometimes ago suffered immensely from premature ejaculation which initially destroyed my sex life and often made me felt inadequate as a man each time i'm with my partner.Then,I felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself as a man who cannot last long in bed with woman. I went via a lot of trial and error such as drug prescription,pills,creams, different herbs before i finally overcame the menace.As a matter of fact,no single system worked out fine but when i latter found out the secrets,i decided to spread out the information to my fellow men so that they will not pass via all the difficulties i passed through any longer. As i said in my last post, premature ejaculation could be described as the inability of a man to control ejaculation during sexual intercourse.women always dislike early ejaculation.they want our manliness to be turgid,strong enough and last long so that it could reach the climax level of satisfaction. premature ejaculation has been the most common sexual complaint among men even far higher than complete impotence.Men should not see premature ejaculation as a disease or malfunction in the body according to expert there is nothing physically wrong with you. Moreover,we just need to believe that ejaculation is just a process in premature ejaculation and is also something that can be based on views or a sexual intercourse,if the female sex partner is satisfied that means there is nothing premature about it. CAUSES OF PREMATURE EJACULATION 1.Inability to control sexual arousal 2.Excessive masturbation with quick intention to reach climax 3.Inability to handle prolonged stimulation known as oversensitivity 4.Anxiety typically described as performance anxiety 5.Lack of confidence 6.A long period of abstinence 7.Lack of Experience not in term of sex but on how to control PE 8.Hormonal imbalance .Excessive intake of sugar Once you understand the causes you begin working on the solution.figuring out the causes as above would be helpful.One need to understand as well how the whole ejaculation process works but how to control it should be your main objective Till we meet in the next post. HEALTH IS WEALTH

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