Saturday, June 12, 2010


PREMATURE EJACULATION NATURAL REMEDY It is important to briefly explain what premature ejaculation is in order to avoid misconception about it.This can be described as the inability of a man satisfy his opposite partner during the sexual intercourse.It can also be described as an act of ejaculating the semen beyond your partner expectation.This issue constitute a big menace for man before the woman The negative impact of this menace is that you continue to lose dignity and self esteem before any woman as they see you as an incapable and not agile in bed. Your sexual partner would begin to disrespect you and you will be ashamed of your incapability attitude. It’s negative Impact to a married man. Immediately your wife noticed that you always lose your libido after the first round of sex, she begin to suspect whether you have not been faithful to her or you are practicing infidelity. Remember if your wife is not satisfied sexually, she will definitely get the satisfaction elsewhere. The serious aspect of this issue is that some people are trying to manage the same in silence. Stop hiding the embarrassment as it might lead to loss of valuable and vital relationship or even marriage. Let your wife or girlfriend proud of your sexual prowess. Your manliness can be strong and turgid. You can easily gain the power to rule the world of your sex life. Now, let's talk about the natural remedy I promised to control the quick ejaculation 1. Diet: what you put in to your stomach has a vital role to play in enhancing your libido And increasing your sexual stamina if you don’t eat a proper balance diet you are likely to perform below expectation of sex and you may not even have normal sexual stamina to face the battle of sex. 2.Stress:you should learn how to manage stress. If you don’t try to reduce the stress you pass through during the,it might lead to early ejaculation during intimacy Do you really want to save and sustain your marriage or relationship? Would you like to have total control over your ejaculation? Would you love to have the permanent solution to this early ejaculation? The above tips is just the beginning, get the comprehensive info via this link

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