Thursday, July 15, 2010


PREMATURE EJACULATION TIPS Premature ejaculation does not need to be introduced or described because it is a famous issue among men. But to a lay man there is need to briefly talk about .It means inability of a man to sexually satisfy their opposite sex. For a longest time, men have absolutely been stereotyped as sex machine that are ready to perform at the top of the hat. I don’t know if this can bring about any argument or not. Men been stereotyped as sex machine, is it applicable to all men or to some men. To some natural health expert, they argue on the opposite side of the coin, saying it is not applicable to all men. To be realistic, men are just like women that can also be tired simply because of stress. If any man is stressed or tired as a result of daily task, it can lead to poor sexual performance. If I may ask why is it that men are ashamed of talking about their sexual dysfunction. If You insist in keeping your poor sexual performance, it will continue to bring shame into your sexual life. Factors such as these may trigger sexual problems. The issue of sexual dysfunction is quite sensitive. Some men refused to seek the help they need as they tend to avoid speaking about it. The following are the Male sexual performance problems The inability to perform sexually can lead to anxiety which, when combined with the memory of the previous failure, can lead to the avoidance of sexual intercourse. Poor self esteem, reduced intimacy in the relationship and a lack of spontaneity can all also hamper sexual responsiveness and performance. Modern day living can also impair sexual Performance with increasing work stressors and family demands resulting in fatigue and a lack of energy.

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