Thursday, September 24, 2009

Premature ejaculation cure

premature ejaculation cure To cure premature ejaculation actually is not a problem but a challenge but I did and I believe so also that you can do as well After defeating the menace and the shame of premature ejaculation, I put up this web diary to assist people with free information on how their premature ejaculation problem can be solved. I discovered from the messages I received from many people especially men having premature ejaculation problem anxiously seeking the way out to the problem simply because of the embarrassment they are facing from their loved ones. The menace of premature ejaculation does not exclude the married men as I was told by some victims that the problem is seriously affecting their marital life as married men can’t satisfy their wife sexually. To save our marriage from being crashed, all married men suffering from the erectile dysfunction should find a lasting solution to it because is not all about money or joy In absence of long lasting sexual ability by the man. Things may go wrong if care is not taking According to diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder, the following are the criteria for the premature ejaculation as follows: (1) persistent and recurrent ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before, on or shortly after the penetration before the person wishes. (2) Marked distress or interpersonal difficulty. (3) Not exclusively due to direct effects From research, it is discovered that the human sexual response can also be divided into three different parts: (1) Desire (libido), (2) Excitement (arousal), while the last but not the least and is the determinant of either rapid or long lasting ejaculation which is orgasm. Talking about the first one which is desire otherwise known as libido. Some men have lost this first stage because of their psychology problem they have developed about sexual intercourse as a result of their previous poor performance with their loved ones. But on a serious note, taking into consideration the shame which premature ejaculation can put you into, you found it worthy of taking care of to avoid not only the embarrassment of inability to last long on bed but also stand the chance to lose a precious marital life or good courtship Premature ejaculation can be stopped if you are willing to stop it because there has been a lot of ways by which it can be cured naturally if you are tired of different drug prescription by different individuals claiming to be expert online. A lot of sex educators have committed a lot of their productive time to finding the lasting solution to solve this problem which in most cases did not work for people. The technique I want to introduce is simple, safe and very fast as long as you can do it the way it should be done but before I go to that technique there are five major reasons usually cause premature ejaculation which any man suffering from it must know but before I forget I want to establish the fact that premature ejaculation is rarely the result of a particular health problem. By the time I itemize and explain the five (5) reasons I talked about you will have better understanding of what I’m talking about. Join me in the next edition for the continuation of the premature ejaculation cure.

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